Perguntas frequentes

How do I use the BCSA gpx files on my GPS ?

The downloadable tracks are standard GPX files that can be used with most GPS units. This file has a large amount of track points and may need modifications to be loaded into your GPS unit. Please make sure that your GPS unit can handle more than 100 track points. If not ,it will split the route up into multiple sections, in no specific order.
Best GPS for off-road is the Garmin Montana 600 series, as it can handle 10 000 track points.
Use wiith Tracks4Africa mapping software for best results.

The information contained in the BCSA GPX files is best viewed on your GPS unit as ‘TRACKS’ or ‘OFF- ROAD TRACKS’. Converting or importing this information to ‘ROUTES’ or ‘TRIPS’ will often result in the unit re-calculating the route automatically.

How do I load the GPX file onto my GPS?

  • After payment has been received you will be emailed the GPX files
  • Find the GPX file you just downloaded onto your computer
  • Plug the GPS into the USB port on your computer and open the device to view it as a removable drive
  • Look for a folder labeled Garmin, and inside that called “GPX” and open it.
  • Paste the GPX file into the folder.
  • Unplug the GPS and switch it on.
  • Go to the Track Manager and the day-by-day list will appear
  • Select Day 1, select "view map", click "GO"
  • Consult your GPS manual if you have questions about this process

How can I navigate the route without a GPS ?

When you purchase the book or download the GPX files, we will include a Google Maps linnk that you can view on your Mobile Phone.

In addition to the route guide book, you can use your mobile phones locations to see your position on the Google Maps of the route.